Maureens Story - an Upstairs Downstairs of Highclere Castle, setting to Downton Abbey, home to the Carnarvon family of Tutankhamen fame

Contents: Part 1

How it all began
My First Impressions of Life at Highclere
Personalities and Life at Highclere
 Robert Taylor
 Miss Crystal Stubbings
 Mary Povey
 Frances Reid
 Bill Misson
My Early Years at Highclere during the 6th Earl's life
The Castle
Antics of Some of the Staff


My Time at and around Highclere 1973-1987
 My Redundancy
 The End of One Era and New Beginnings
The Castle Opens to the Public
Highclere as a Commercial Venture
 Conferences and Events at Highclere
 An Aside - Helicopters
 Strife in and around Highclere
 Adrian Wiley comes to Highclere
 The Staff in my Department at Highclere
 The Carnarvons in the commercial era


 Dempster and the 7th Earl
 The Affair of Fiona's dog
 The Late 90's and into the New Millennium - Change
 Sir Stanley and Lady Clarke
 A New Manager Arrives
 My Resignation
 Waiting to Leave Highclere
 My First Day on a Small Partridge Shoot
 My First Pheasant Shoot
 Time to Move on - February 2001

Contents: Part 2

Looking Back on Life at Highclere
Life After Highclere
Spring Cleaning at Highclere
Christmases at Highclere
 The Christmas Tree
Ghost Stories
 The Child in the Tree
 Ladies in Black
 Spooks in the House...
... and in the Garden
The Queen at Highclere
Tutankhamen Artefacts and Highclere
 The Egyptian Weekend
 The Curse of 'Old Tut'?
Opportunities Lost
 Guns who attended the 6th Earl's shoots
 Shoot Days


Art and Music at Highclere
 Paul Hodges
 The Russian Artists
 Joachim Raff
Vivid Memories of the Film World
 Stanley Kubrick and Eyes Wide Shut
 Film Crews
 Films and Shoots which have taken place at Highclere
My TV and Radio Appearances
Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions Held at Highclere
 Greg Rusedski and Lucy Connor's Wedding
 Weddings from the Housekeeper's Viewpoint
 Lindsey and Martin's Wedding
My Love of Fine Wines
 Christopher's 20th Birthday - 14th February 1997
 The Gerald Benney Wine Challenge
My Parents


Memories of Nature and Phenomena at Highclere
 The Great Storm 1987
Maureen's Housekeeping Tips
 Shoe Cleaning
 Metal Cleaning - Silver
 Metal Cleaning - Copper
 Metal Cleaning - Pewter
 Metal Cleaning - Brass
Comparisons between rooms and how they were used
Comparisons between the old and new equipment and utensils used at Highclere